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A story of freshness

Spa Bath Salt

15Th & Elm CO.

      15th & Elm is the legacy of a vision that was created before me, but for me. 15th & Elm Co. was birthed from this legacy to create products that enhance or maintain a person's beauty. We offer the latest essentials for beauty and relaxation such as soy candles , sugar scrubs and body butters. Each product is made with all natural ingredients. 

     As a little girl 15th & Elm was a meeting place for everyone to come hangout and have a great time. There were two businesses that stood on the corner of 15th and Elm; Sweet P's barbershop and Skeeters House of Beauty. You went there to get the latest hairstyles, haircuts and fashion tips as well as the neighborhood gossip. 

      My grandparents James and Geneva Lewis left their fingerprints in the Over the Rhine / Downtown Cincinnati area. Their businesses changed peoples lives, uplifted the community  and encouraged others with the belief that they could do anything. This set the precedence for entrepreneurship within the younger generations of our family. 

    At 15th & Elm Co. we want to give back, leaving our fingerprints on the world by changing people's moods while transposing positive energy into the world. 

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